Amy Moquet, Director Human Resources at Connex Credit Union

I worked with Deb while in transition. Deb was the ultimate coach. She understood better than I when I needed encouragement, instruction or to be left alone. She knew when to question, when to listen and when to advise. She found ways to broaden my network. She role played how to network and helped me rehearse as I prepared for interviews. Her coaching was instrumental to my success in landing my current role.


Martin Levine, Placement Coordinator, Career Services at Goodwin College

Deb has excellent presentation skills, engages her participants and is truly able to connect with her audience. She is very knowledgeable in her areas of expertise and she exudes warmth while getting her points across in a succinct manner.


Judith Rosenthal, Reemployment Specialist, Event and Development Professional, Catalyst for Community Activities, Philanthropy Endeavors

I have engaged Deb Krawiec’s professional services as a speaker for the Schmoozers Job Network (JETS), one of the largest job search networking groups in CT. I can honestly say that Deb’s presentations are sheer brilliance. She speaks in understandable terms, with clear examples, and talks about her own experiences which add major relevance for the audience. With Deb’s help, we devised an original program entitled: “Networking Live.” This consisted of developing the concept of an A.M. Networking Cocktail party. Her ideas were very clever, and her gifts for presenting on a down to earth level were spot on. We organized 10 groups of 10 plus people, and every 3 minutes we rang a bell as each person presents their networking presentation and target companies to each person in the group and vice versa. People normally are often intimidated about networking. However, because of Deb’s creativity, experience and originality, people were in awe of their self-improvement and confidence in the process within such a short period of time. Deb’s self-help materials were so on point, smart and powerful, the group was totally engaged and developed new ideas for their 1 hour networking prior to each Schmoozers session. We were so grateful to Deb for sharing her time and expertise with the unemployed of CT. Deb Krawiec professional talents would benefit anyone in job transition or search. I highly endorse Deb Krawiec.

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    Deborah Anne Krawiec
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